Handling & shipping

You can pay by kredit card: DANKORT, VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS.

All prices are in Danish kroner

We ship worldwide. The item will be shipped no later than 2 business days from the order received.
The posters are sent in a cardboard – postcards in an envelope with hard back. The goods are shipped with Post Danmark.

Shipping in Danmark DKK 29,-
For shipping to europe and the rest of the world write to:
mail@horse-posters.eu and get a price.

According to the law there is 2 years warranty and 14 days to exchange.
If you want to exchange the item or cancel the purchase, the item must be returned so that the item appears as new as upon receipt.

Return the goods within 30 days from the day you received the goods.
The item must be returned in the same condition and packaging as you received it .
Cost for the return must be payed by the customer.
The address is: horse-posters.eu / Special Communication, Strandvejen 256 C ,
DK-2920 Charlottenlund, Cvr. nr. 1410 2086
If unclaimed item is returned to horse-posters.eu, the shipping and handling fee must be paid before the goods are sent again.

If questions, send an email to mail@horse-posters.eu or call +45 2040 3755

The poster measures 50×70 cm. Postcards are in A5.

The posters are printed on 170 grams

The posters / illustrations may not be copied and any abuse will be reported.

Would you like to become a dealer?
Write to us at mail@horse-posters.eu or call +45 2040 3755

Privacy Policy
horse-posters.eu takes all our obligations to our customers very seriously – especially concerning the way we handle the data you pass on to us. horse-posters.eu undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding privacy.
You must only provide personal information in the following cases:
– If you buy goods on horse-posters.eu
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– If you would like to receive news and exclusive offers by e-mail from horse-posters.eu

When do we collect personal information?
It is free for you to browse and read our website. We only ask you to provide your email address if the following applies:
– If you buy goods from horse-posters.eu
– If you want to participate in a draw or competition.
– If you want to contact horse-posters.eu and send us an email or want feedback.
– If you would like to receive news and exclusive offers by e-mail from horse-posters.eu
We will collect only personal information (such as name and address) if you want to provide us with this information.

How do we use this information?
In order to perform your order, we must have specific personal information such as credit card details and billing address. This information is only used to manage your order and your use of the site.
It is up to you if you want to pass on additional personal information. We collect personal information in order for us to send you notifications to send you emails with updates, news and special offers, and to answer your questions or comments.

Permission from you
We will send you updates per. email unless you deselect this option. Storing and transmitting personal data is sent encrypted to horse-posters.eu but is not stored encrypted (credit card information is not stored). Data is kept for a minimum of five years, cf. the legislation.
The data manager of horse-posters.eu is the proprietor / owner (CEO). According to the Personal Data Act, you can always get insight into what information we have on you as a customer. Simply send us an email and we will assist you with the requested information.
However, you must be able to prove that you are actually the person you publish so that we do not pass on the information to third parties.

Who is processing your information?
horse-posters.eu (and the persons or companies employed by horse-posters.eu who contribute to making this website) process and use the information you provide us, to respond to your feedback – eg. answer questions, improve our services and target our services, to meet your needs.
In addition, we do not share your information with other companies without your permission, unless the law requires so, or you to win a competition, or you have requested to receive specific information.
If you give us permission to share your information with other companies when you sign up for horse-posters.eu, we may want to pass your information to other companies, to send you information, offers, products and services, that may have yours interest.
We never disclose or sell your information to other companies without your consent.

horse-posters.eu has the ability to use cookies to provide you with a better service and see which pages of the site you are interested in. A cookie is a collection of data that a website saves through your browser on your PC, and which can be retrieved at a later date.
Cookies can only be read by the website they originate from. The main purpose is to identify users and customize their visits, for example by welcoming them with their name the next time they visit the site. Most cookies are only active as long as you are at the web address or visit our website.
Cookies do not contain information that will allow others to contact you per. phone, email or in other ways. You can have your browser accept all cookies or to warn you whenever you are offered a cookie. Then you decide if you want to receive it or not. You can delete cookies in your browser, after your visit to the website.

What do we do, to secure your personal information?
We do our utmost to ensure, that any third part, who collaborates with us to make this website available to you, or takes care of your orders and queries, agrees to protect the privacy information they access, when they serve our website and visitors.
The employees who need your personal information, to provide the necessary service, will only have limited access to your information. In addition, we collect information about which pages are visited most and which browsers are used. Google Analytics is used for this purpose.
When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it is always done by giving your explicit consent, so that you are informed about exactly what information is collected, and why.

Links to other websites
We display links to other websites / suppliers, etc., which we use or recommend. However, we are not responsible for the content or privacy policy of other companies.
If you visit another website, read their privacy policy and other policies.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
All changes to our Privacy Policy will be described here. If horse-posters.eu make major changes, regarding the way we use your personal information, we will ask for your consent, before making any changes.

Is there anything else I should know?
In addition to the above policy, horse-posters.eu does not disclose information to any third part, unless required by law.

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